Pressed: Some reasonable advice on losing weight

How to shed pounds without starving or killing yourself in the gym.

While some of this is pretty simple advice and the title leans a bit toward the magic fix, it offers some nice, sane, workable advice about losing weight . . . necessary when it’s so tempting to go for something like this:


Little white lies (for the greater good)

It occurred to me a few minutes ago, as I was posting about the “woe is me” way the first week of my new health regime ended that I’m at the dangerous edge of fabrication.

I mean, this is my record of my efforts to regain my health, what I learn along the way and what progress I make. Is it not, therefore  my right, nay, my obligation, to show visible success at every turn? To be a shining beacon on encouragement to all who follow me? To all who want to be poster children for wellness? Continue reading

Argh. Do over.

The worst thing about an exercise/wellness program is not the exertion but rather just getting started. I’ve always found that to be true.

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Hanging up now

I’m having a lousy day. Mangled my finger on Saturday, finally gave up and saw the doctor on Sunday (my clinic has 24/7 urgent care–gotta love it), and am bandaged and on antibiotics and pain pills.

Hence, no exercise and an overindulgence in mom foods to make me feel better.

The thing is I feel pretty good, just drugged and kinda having a pity party. Pity parties are a necessary (occasional) part of life, I think. I just didn’t plan to have one only one week into this new health kick I committed to.

Besides I didn’t have time to send out invitations. And, no one would have come anyway. Pity parties are best handled solo.

By the numbers 3/30/2012

What’s with the blood sugar which is up 20 points from the last few days? Admittedly this is more in line with what is “normal” for me, the last two days being a bit of a fluke.

~ unknown source

I always seem to run high in the morning and I’ve never been able to figure that out. My doctor and a nutritionist are flummoxed as well. I’ve tried waking up in the wee hours of the morning to test it, I’ve tried eating differently at night but nothing seems to work. The only resolution I’ve had to this issue came when I lost 25 lbs. and exercised like crazy. That even brought my A1C down to 6-something.

It’s a continual struggle, but it would really be nice if I knew a reason why. It’s defeating to have that same kind of high number every single day.

Blood sugar 144, weight 188

Portion control??

Creating life stories at the gym

I’m spending more time in the gym these days.  It’s a nice place, city owned and operated, and very welcoming of all ages, types and exercise levels. I like that; it makes me comfortable and it makes for great people watching. It also makes for good “people musing” and I spend a lot of time creating little life stories for the people I see there.

the "river"

Daily I see the same woman who arrives via a special bus everyday when I’m about 15 minutes into my treadmill time. She disembarks the bus, using pole/crutches and taking the steps one pole, one foot, one pole, one foot at a time, without assistance. I’m in awe of her that she never misses a step and never misses a day even during our very wet winter. I never  see what kind of workout she does once inside, but I’m thinking it’s the pool.  There are several levels of water aerobics and a very cool circulating river feature.

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