By the numbers

A journal of my progress

a.m. blood sugar
a.m. weight

Starting with daily records for the first week, then moving to weekly updates. Entries are made with current updates first.


MON 4/9/2012
blood sugar 134, weight 189

MON 4/2/2012
blood sugar 122, weight 189
No exercise again — this is going to derail me completely. Bummer. I can’t seem to get my messy thumb to quit bleeding and begin to heal. Doctor says curtail the exertion until it’s healing. At least the bandage is somewhat smaller and I’m not typing so many spacebar/”n” errors.  Some consolation.

SUN 4/1/2012
blood sugar 144, weight 189
No exercise, rather a trip to the urgent care clinic as the bites looked worse; antibiotics should help (typing is a bitch — my right thumb is heavily bandaged and I keep typingn “n” instead of space.  See?)

SAT 3/31/2012
blood sugar 142, weight 188
No exercise 😦  Had a minor calamity instead, a couple of fairly serious cat bites and ensuing pain as the adrenaline wore off!

FRI 3/30/2012
blood sugar 144, weight 189
1 hour at the gym, walking @ 3 mph

THU 3/29/2012
blood sugar (oops, forgot to take it); weight 189
2 hours at the gym: walking (track and treadmill) and upper body weights. Tried a new “fat burner” program on the treadmill that allows you to set time, weight and speed and then it plots and runs the program. Loved it! Set today for 190 lbs., 10 minutes at 2.8 mph.

WED 3/28/2012
blood sugar 120, weight 189
45 minutes walking at the gym (Will it ever stop raining?).

TUE 3/27/12
blood sugar 127, weight 190
Spent an hour and a half at the gym this morning, 45 minutes walking and 45 minutes on Nautilus machines for my upper body.


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