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Creating life stories at the gym

I’m spending more time in the gym these days.  It’s a nice place, city owned and operated, and very welcoming of all ages, types and exercise levels. I like that; it makes me comfortable and it makes for great people watching. It also makes for good “people musing” and I spend a lot of time creating little life stories for the people I see there.

the "river"

Daily I see the same woman who arrives via a special bus everyday when I’m about 15 minutes into my treadmill time. She disembarks the bus, using pole/crutches and taking the steps one pole, one foot, one pole, one foot at a time, without assistance. I’m in awe of her that she never misses a step and never misses a day even during our very wet winter. I never  see what kind of workout she does once inside, but I’m thinking it’s the pool.  There are several levels of water aerobics and a very cool circulating river feature.

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