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Chocolate egg, Cheerios or marshmallow fluff?

Did you know there are 16 grams of sugar in one little Peep! I’d rather eat about half a Cadbury Creme Egg, or better yet 16 cups of Cheerios, either of which, if I figure right, also have 16 grams of sugar.


I haven’t posted here in a couple of days and I’d like to post something really brilliant and edgy. But just for today I’m going to share this  from my other blog. It’s all about Peeps, those completely inedible but totally useful little creatures.

[If you’re reading this post expecting something new and exciting only to be disappointed by a rehash of something you’ve already read elsewhere,  thank you for reading both my blogs and please forgive me, I’m lazy and a fame-whore.]

I don’t want to be accused of defaming Peeps,  so let’s hear it for those delightfully squishy, sugary little puffs of marshmallow crap joy.  They do, after all, have more followers (and uses) than you and I put together.


Little white lies (for the greater good)

It occurred to me a few minutes ago, as I was posting about the “woe is me” way the first week of my new health regime ended that I’m at the dangerous edge of fabrication.

I mean, this is my record of my efforts to regain my health, what I learn along the way and what progress I make. Is it not, therefore  my right, nay, my obligation, to show visible success at every turn? To be a shining beacon on encouragement to all who follow me? To all who want to be poster children for wellness? Continue reading

Hanging up now

I’m having a lousy day. Mangled my finger on Saturday, finally gave up and saw the doctor on Sunday (my clinic has 24/7 urgent care–gotta love it), and am bandaged and on antibiotics and pain pills.

Hence, no exercise and an overindulgence in mom foods to make me feel better.

The thing is I feel pretty good, just drugged and kinda having a pity party. Pity parties are a necessary (occasional) part of life, I think. I just didn’t plan to have one only one week into this new health kick I committed to.

Besides I didn’t have time to send out invitations. And, no one would have come anyway. Pity parties are best handled solo.

Portion control??

Banana, Apple, Pear

If you know what those words have in common, besides the fact that they are all fruit, you are a woman.

I know this, because like me, you’ve spent your whole life being reminded of your body shape. There are many variations on the above three — the rectangle, diamond, tube, triangle, inverted triangle and on ad finitum.

And, there’s the coveted hourglass. Probably most coveted by men and the women who want to appeal to them. The bombshell, the babe. The iconic Marilyn.

Me? I’m an apple, grown out of an hourglass. In my mid-30s I lost my waist and found some pounds and my body is now round, not even remotely close to that hourglass. Continue reading

Let me eat cake!

As a friend once told me, the first post is the hardest.

So, with much to say and no clear idea where to start, I think a little humor cake would be a good place to begin.

This gem comes from the folks at Everyday People Cartoons.