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Little white lies (for the greater good)

It occurred to me a few minutes ago, as I was posting about the “woe is me” way the first week of my new health regime ended that I’m at the dangerous edge of fabrication.

I mean, this is my record of my efforts to regain my health, what I learn along the way and what progress I make. Is it not, therefore  my right, nay, my obligation, to show visible success at every turn? To be a shining beacon on encouragement to all who follow me? To all who want to be poster children for wellness? Continue reading


By the numbers 3/30/2012

What’s with the blood sugar which is up 20 points from the last few days? Admittedly this is more in line with what is “normal” for me, the last two days being a bit of a fluke.

~ unknown source

I always seem to run high in the morning and I’ve never been able to figure that out. My doctor and a nutritionist are flummoxed as well. I’ve tried waking up in the wee hours of the morning to test it, I’ve tried eating differently at night but nothing seems to work. The only resolution I’ve had to this issue came when I lost 25 lbs. and exercised like crazy. That even brought my A1C down to 6-something.

It’s a continual struggle, but it would really be nice if I knew a reason why. It’s defeating to have that same kind of high number every single day.

Blood sugar 144, weight 188

By the numbers 3/27/12

Weight: 190

Morning blood sugar: 125

Spent an hour and a half at the gym this morning, 45 minutes walking and 45 minutes on Nautilus machines for my upper body.

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